StrangeLines: Virtual Audio Effects for Ableton Live

Max/MSP, After Effects, Photoshop
Personal Project

Few Controls, Lots of Juice

StrangeLines is on a mission to make it easier for producers to develop their unique sound design with great ease and fun, for that purpose I took great care of the audio architecture to combine different effects into predictable yet flexible results. Any StrangeLines UI is built on modular sections with a dry/wet-responsive border color and all the controls have customized sensibility to let the music producer work with more ease and speed.

Custom FX

StrangeLines implements custom-modeled filters, chorus/delay/flanger, gate and warping (futuristic pitch shifting).
The StrangeLines brand is named like so because, apparently, music is made thanks to chords, keys, bars…
StrangeLines products include Streakulator, SynFX, BSOD, Ryoji, KitschVerb, StreakFX, MouthBreather currently distributed by Audiomodern and Isotonik Studios.