BigUp: Organic Spreading Social Platform

Sketch, Flinto, Illustrator
Personal Project

What if users attention was distributed?

We all know how the web and its platforms are actually filled with multimedia content, so, does it even matter sharing a post when you already know the chances of getting reactions are pretty nil (net of marketing)?
I tried to give an answer by envisioning a new social platform called BigUp: it’s basically meant to make it easier to stay up to date with (only) the latest and greatest posts from the people they follow. Your three latest posts are allowed to be displayed for free under any profile stream under any user profile: since every user has 3 rambling/featured posts the number of content to be checked decreases dramatically compared to current social networks.

Meritocratic Emersion System

You may have noticed that content on BigUp is shown just as an image, nothing more, no author, no comments, no reactions: that’s intentional and these informations are meant to be shown after the user reacts or comments, by the way the content player would always have a useful link attached by the author to check more about the content. This and more to ensure potential meritocratic emersion to any content shared by any content creator. Finally I had to fit in a business model so, even if it’s not a complete one, I included ads at the start of every user stream: I implemented the ad in the UI for an unobtrusive experience, making easy for the user to save the ad for later in case of interest (“Send to my inbox”) in the same place they get feedback and requests from other users.