Keeping people happy

Before, during and after they used your product.

UX Process Portfolio

UX Process

Stage 1

Building empathy

  1. Learn about the audience
  2. Align with client values, mission and goals
  3. Define questions/problems to research later

Stage 2


Attitudinal (listen what users say), Behavioral (observe what users do), Primary (generate original data), Secondary (use existing data from external sources)

Some common user research methods: 1:1 interview, focus group (3-5 target users), survey, usability testing

Stage 3


All the gathered data gets commonly distilled in Personas and User Journey Map: both documents serve as reference in the next stage, to take informed decisions about both visual design and user experience in every facet.

Stage 4


Aligning business goals and users needs/expectation.

Stage 5


Aligning business goals and users needs/expectation.


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